Fraud risk calculator for Prestashop
Fraud risk calculator for Prestashop
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Fraud risk calculator for Prestashop

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Calculate how risky the operation with a certain customer is when making a purchase in your online store based on Prestashop.

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Client Risk Analysis for Prestashop: Plugin that assesses the operation with a client and assigns a risk index from 0 to 100%.

With this plugin you will obtain an index based on a percentage from 0 to 100%, where you will know how risky the operation is with a certain client. This module will extract the following information from the client and based on certain algorithms it will inform you of the risk level of the operation.

  • Geolocation based on the visitor’s IP, check if the country and city matches the billing and shipping address.
  • Check if the visitor’s IP belongs to a known VPN, TOR network or if it is an invalid IP
  • Check if the client’s IP is not reported in some internet blacklist
  • Check if the client’s email IP is not reported in any internet blacklist
  • Check the time and the number of page views in the store before making the purchase
  • Check if the client did not change the IP during the checkout

It does not require subscriptions or monthly payments, you just install the plugin and it will work for you until it is discontinued.

Support and module updates free for 90 days. License valid only for ONE store.

Minimum Requirements

Prestashop 1.6.x / 1.7.x
PHP 5.6

You must bear in mind that this plugin in order to work with everything described above, will send the buyer’s IP to our servers and to public blacklist servers to execute part of the fraud prevention heuristics. If you do not agree with this, please do not buy the plugin as there will be no refunds for this reason.