Telegram Notifications for PrestaShop
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Telegram Notifications for PrestaShop

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Connect your Prestashop store to Telegram, receive order notifications, inventory alerts, search for previous orders and much more.

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Connect Your Prestashop Store with Telegram for Seamless Communication

Prestashop Telegram Integration is a powerful plugin that bridges the gap between your Prestashop store and Telegram messaging platform. With this integration, you can receive instant order notifications, stay updated on inventory levels, search for previous orders, and unlock a range of other convenient features to streamline your business operations.

Key Features:

  1. New User Registration Notifications: Receive instant notifications on Telegram when new users register on your Prestashop store. Stay informed about new customer sign-ups and take timely actions to engage with them.
  2. Low Inventory Alerts: Get notified when your inventory reaches low levels. This feature enables you to proactively manage your stock and avoid any potential out-of-stock situations.
  3. Order Return Notifications: Stay informed about partial or total returns of orders through Telegram. This ensures that you can promptly process returns and maintain a smooth customer experience.
  4. Order Summary Sharing: Easily share order summaries with other Telegram users. This functionality allows you to collaborate with your team or communicate important order details to relevant stakeholders.
  5. Effortless Order Search: Search for previous orders directly from Telegram. Save time and access order information on-the-go without the need to log into your Prestashop admin panel.


  • A Telegram account
  • Prestashop 1.5.x or higher

Streamline Communication and Enhance Efficiency with Prestashop Telegram Integration

With Prestashop Telegram Integration, you can connect your store with Telegram and leverage its powerful features to simplify communication, enhance customer service, and optimize your operations. Stay on top of new user registrations, monitor inventory levels, manage order returns, and enjoy seamless order management right from your Telegram account. Upgrade your Prestashop experience with this indispensable integration.

For demonstration purposes, the video is sped up to 5X


  • Install the plugin in Prestashop
  • Send the / start message to the bot @ECommerceNotifyBot
  • Send the message /addshop [token] and voila! …

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